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Lavard Skou Larsen - dirigierend „Praise the ensemble and the conductor Skou-Larsen for an excellent evening of sonorous music.“
Lincoln Journal Star

„Skou Larsen directed nuances in Bruckner with such import and tenderness that you could feel a drama unfold with each measure“
Washington Post

“Larsen’s artistry is slightly reminiscent of Leonard Bernstein – he visibly lives through the pieces, here powerful and gripping, there introverted and held back.”
Westdeutsche Zeitung

“With his succinct gestures, carefully-chosen tempi and dynamically-measured shading, Lavard Skou-Larsen created a fascinatingly refreshing simple and heartfelt interpretation.”

“The guidance of Lavard Skou-Larsen revealed a masterfully eclectic, versatile, refreshing effortlessness and joyful playfulness which bewitched the audience, drawing them in from the very beginning.”
Westfälischer Anzeiger

“Even Skou-Larsen’s most subtle and nearly-imperceptible gestures sufficed to bring out the voices – wordlessly reaching a perfect understanding, his tacit agreement with the musicians needed no extraneous movements.”
Schweinfurter Tagblatt

“Larsen generated and maintained a buzzing excitement, and the deep tremors the symphony spread through the listeners by way of its outstanding performance were made more than crystal clear in the shattering silence found in the filled hall as the last note receded.”

“And here, for this performance, the excellent Lavard Skou-Larsen!”
Est Republicain

“Lavard Skou-Larsen wittingly shackled and led the orchestra, seducing it through his sheer and rousing playfulness.”
Westfälischer Anzeiger

“...skillfully conducted by Lavard Skou-Larsen, who led with both passion and equilibrium.”
La Nazione

“Regardless of Lavard Skou-Larsen’s unobtrusive direction, the clarity and precision of every single musical event, the thoroughly rounded balance of the players together, the unstrained agreements about the finest nuances, and the truly noble sound profile were marvelous. The phrases were so deliberately thought out, the breathing indications so caringly put in place, the shading so tender; minimal gestures bloomed and, oh-so-exquisitely, were musically delivered as splendid, tingly and exuberant as silk and velvet on the sound carpet. Purely authentic.”
Die Rheinpfalz

“Acclaim is due to the ensemble and conductor Skou-Larsen for an excellent evening of sonorous music.“
Lincoln Journal Star

“Full of spirits, conductor Lavard Skou-Larsen presented his fabled ensemble. His refreshing use of dynamic levels worked out lively movement, excitement and color. The musical language of Mozart made thrillingly contemporary.”
Schwarzwälder Bote

“Conducted by the great Lavard Skou-Larsen, they offered a veritable banquet of authentic Mozart.”
ABC / Sevilla

“Lavard Skou-Larsen kept his orchestra from overindulging in sentimentality, successfully goaded the ensemble to fast tempi and molded the last movement with a sheer abandonment of momentum.”

“Larsen threw out the partita of the overture “La Forza del Destino” less as a cloyingly sweet member of the Italian Hm-la-la tradition than as an appealingly refined interpretation full of clarity.”
Westdeutsche Zeitung

“Also, the conductor knew remarkably well how to deal skillfully with the rhythmic difficulties of the composition: Lavard Skou-Larsen, founder of the Salzburg Chamber Soloists and conductor of the Deutschen Kammerakademie Neuss on the Rhein.”
Sächsische Zeitung / Dresden

“...brilliant preparation and guidance by their conductor Lavard Skou-Larsen.”
Messagero Veneto

“The overture to this opera is pure music, full of burning ideas, and the magnetic Lavard Skou-Larsen, charming and beckoning, energetically led the orchestra along, buoyant, blithe, sanguine and serene.”

“And the interpretation of the Salzburger ensemble under brilliant violinist Lavard Skou-Larsen is worth hearing; no peripheral standard interpretation, it builds using immense creative freedom while resting on a sure foundation of instrumental skill.”
Lingener Tagespost

“Larsen leads with such an intoxicating joie de vivre, his ways of working out the heights and and depths wonderful.”

“Yet while Zubin Mehta presented “only” Strauss works during the week, Lavard Skou-Larsen’s wide-ranging program impressed the packed-out city hall yesterday.”

“...with tenderly sweet tones here and unfettered passionate tones there, Lavard Skou-Larsen knew how to draw forth his musicians.”
Westdeutsche Zeitung

(translation by Gratia Stryker: )